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The Duplex stainless steel 2205 nuts are suitable to be utilized even at very high temperatures of 300-degree C. The top manufacturers of a high quality of 2205 nuts always meet demands of every type of critical applications in severe environments. The efficiency of these nuts can be tested even in offshore conditions like in gas and petrochemical industries, valve or nuclear, seawater, pump etc.  Their demands in these kinds of exceptional services, as well as supply, never end. The top firms of the world provide different grades of stainless steel.


They provide nuts and fasteners of every grade of duplex stainless steel as specified by the customers. These types of nuts are of both Ferritic as well as austenitic extensively used in the conditions where the requirement is of elevated strength and powerful resistance against corrosion.


This graded duplex stainless steel goes through a number of amendments which results in finer qualities of steel like UNS S32205 and 2205. This graded steel nut provides better resistance to different types of corrosion. Not only this, they can be also utilized in surface coatings such as galvanizing, Teflon coating, chrome plating etc.

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