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DIN 1.4462

Duplex Stainless Steel DIN 1.4462 Tubing is made from work hardenable alloys that are corrosion resistant duplex stainless steel. These characteristics or properties of the stainless steels come from their microstructures that consist of both ferrite and austenite phases. Due to this, it has mix properties of both stainless sheets of steel however it does not exhibit the pure properties of pure ferritic and austenitic grades. Despite this, the duplex stainless steel is tough steel and shows high strength than both austenitic and ferritic sheets of steel.


The Duplex Stainless Steel DIN 1.4462 Tubing shows resistant to stress corrosion. They also show the magnetic property that differentiates it from other grades of austenitic stainless steel. Heat resistance up to 300 degree C is another characteristic of duplex stainless steel tubes. It is easy to fabricate and machine the duplex stainless steel and thus provide ease to the manufacturers.


The tubes are made as per the standards and norms defined by the national and international standards. However, the customers can quote for the desired specifications such as sizes and diameter. These tubes can be used in chemical process plant, pulp, and paper manufacturing industries, marine environments, oil and gas refineries and more.



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