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ER2209 Filler Wire is a duplex stainless steel with about 22% chromium used for welding matching or similar alloys found in ASTM A182, A276, A329, UNS S31803 (F51), S32205 (F60), 2003, 2101, 2205, 2304 (35N), 44LN, UR 45N, A903, 4462, 19035C, AF22, 223, 3RE60, NKCr22, SM22Cr. ER2209 Welding Wire is also found when welding dissimilar base metals such as 25Cr & Super duplex to 304 or 316 types of stainless steels.


Duplex Stainless Steel ER2209 Filler Wire is intended to weld duplex stainless steels. It exhibits high tensile strength and resistance to stress and corrosion cracking and pitting. The ferrite content of the weld metal will be lower than the ferrite content of type 2205 base metal. Welding of duplex stainless steels calls for controlled welding parameters to achieve specified mechanical and corrosion resistant properties. Duplex Stainless Steel ER2209 Welding Wire is used in various applications which include Offshore drilling, Oil and Gas industry, Chemical and Petrochemical and is used to weld duplex stainless steels such as (Type 2205).


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