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The Duplex Steel S31803 Flanges are extremely corrosion resistant flanges that are consist of a mixture of both austenite and ferrite materials. These Flanges are used for applications in high chloride environments. They show high resistivity against pitting and stress corrosion. These flanges also show resistivity against crevice corrosion and cracking. The Duplex Steel S31803 Flanges are generally not suitable for applications in high temperatures, above temperatures of 300°C, where they are known to suffer embrittlement of micro constituents. These flanges are excellent at resisting corrosion and high-temperature oxidation resistance. They are resistant to corrosion from chloride stress corrosion cracking (SCC).

The Duplex Steel S31803 Flanges show high resistivity against Seawater. Generally better than grade 316 SS Flanges. These flanges also perform well in environments where austenitic grades suffer from premature failure. They contain large amounts of chromium, which increases the resistivity of these flanges against corrosion. The Duplex Steel S32803 Flanges are used for applications in numerous industries such as chemical processing, transport, and storage industries. They have a high tensile strength of 620 Min MPa. They are also used in Marine environments, Pollution control equipment, Oil and gas exploration, and offshore rigs. The Duplex Steel S31803 Flanges are also used in Oil and gas refining industries.

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