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So you are looking to buy the Hastelloy B2 bolts ? Do you know about the product specification in which it is available or sold out in the market? For buyers, the best thing they should know is that the bolts are available in customized shapes and sizes to the customers. These are also available at best possible prices. The bolts are well known for its resistance qualities and awesome features. Their feature has made it highly demanded into the market among buyer for various applications.


The standard specification of it is all international standard and ASTM, DIN and BS. In length, these bolts are available from 3mm to 200mm.  The size of bolt is 3/6” – 2”. For buyers various types of bolts remanufactured. These are like wingnuts, acorn nuts, hex head nuts, eye bolts, hex head bolts, panel nuts, square nuts, square bolts, T nuts, U bolts etc.  To easily fulfilling the particular application needs, you have to clearly mention all your specific requirements of product to seller. This will lead you to receive exactly the thing you want.

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