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Hastelloy B3 Tubing known as UNS N10675 is a superb fighting alloy with hydrochloric acid at the full temperatures and concentrations. It can withstand phosphoric acids, sulfuric acids, formic acids, and non-oxidizing media and else. This alloy is containing a special chemistry that is designed to get a high level of thermal stability significantly exceptional to that of its antecedent. It also has an outstanding resistance to stress corrosion cracking, knife line, pitting corrosion as well as heat influenced zone attack. It is covering following specifications such as shape, designs, wall thickness, dimensions and many more.

 Hastelloy B3 Seamless Tubing possesses different types such as strip sheet as well as the plate. Each form and type of it is made in accordance with an international and national standard such as American petroleum institute (API), ASTM and so on. The product is highly in used in many countries industries. It is so because it is containing satisfactory features that can satisfy the need of any client. It can tolerate any amount of pressure and weight as well. Therefore it is being used for commercial purposes more and more.

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