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Hastelloy C22 bolts are produced by using the high quality of raw materials and new modern techniques. This assures it to be durable, formable, weldable, machinable etc. The alloy is available in threads like BSW, METRIC, UNF, and BSF and as per needs of buyers. The standard specifications of these bolts are JIS, DIN 933, ANSI and DIN 931. In form, it is available as threading according to gauge, hex, round, square.


The Hastelloy C22 bolts are packed into a pallet, carton, small boxes and as per the request of a buyer. The test certification that producers are providing to it buyers is a certification as per EN 10204/31 and manufacturing test certifications. The finishing of an alloy is dacroment, stainless steel, geometry, sheradized, mechanically applied coating, hot dip galvanized, bright zinc plated, passivated self-color. The surface coating done is Xylon fasteners, hot dip galvanized fastener, zinc fastener, phosphate fastener, Teflon fastener, PTFE fastener, cadmium fastener.

The producers are conducting various testing like hardness test, flattening test, flaring test, PMI test, to ensure that these Hastelloy C22 bolts are produced of excellent quality. All testing has made it reliable for applications.

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