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Hastelloy C276 Bolts are the versatile as well as high corrosion resistance alloy or product. It is having outstanding corrosion resistance features in both reducing and oxidizing media which enable it well-matched for the wide range of powerful corrosive applications. This grade bolt is having incomparable resistance to both hydrochloric as well as sulfuric acid. As they oppose some of the most critical media, C726 bolts relatively used in chemical method applications where solvents, acetic and other solutions are used. This is considered to be the most typical grade and one of the remarkable corrosion resistance alloys. They have the ability to be proved extremely useful for various applications.


In a short span of time, they are used in such as fertilizers, ship building, petrochemicals and many more.


Cramming- Hastelloy C276 U Bolts are crammed in the wooden and cardboard boxes with the production marking including heat number, size number, length, width, standard and specifications. Its packaging gets completed when they get ready to be delivered to a specific client. Experts pack these bolts nicely and in order to keep away from being damaged.

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