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Hastelloy is the nickel based alloy which possesses excellent resistance to the corrosion and it can deliver extremely strong strength characteristics. It is suitable to choice to welding and forming. In a modern world most of the companies are offering huge range of the hastelloy x washer products such as round head square neck bolt, Hastelloy x bolts, hexagon wood screw and hexagon socket button flange screw. Different kinds of the washers are available such as screw, bolts, nuts, stud bolt and washer.


When it comes to the Hastelloy x washer then it includes chrome plating, epoxy coating, passivation, Teflon coating, oxidized and mirror buffed. It plays an amazing role in lots of applications such as power generation, gas processing, pharmaceuticals, petro chemicals, heat exchanger, sea water equipment and condensers. If you are looking to buy this washer then you must check whether it comes with value added service such as hardness test, mechanical testing, flattening test, chemical analysis, intergranular corrosion test and pitting resistance test. If you are choosing best company then you can get only high quality of the Hastelloy x washer.

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