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The Haynes 214 bars are nickel-chromium-aluminum alloy that is intended to work at 955° C i.e. 1750° F or even above this temperature range. They are generally referred to as oxidation resistant alloys that can work at all conventional heat ranges. It is also acknowledged as Hastel alloy 214 or Cabot 214. Some of the typical applications include mesh belts, tray, and fixture for high heat treatment and other technical grades. One possible reason for its utmost performance is its high tensile strength and reduced ductility.

The notable grades of bars include 200,300, duplex and the technique used to make this bars are cold drawn, hot rolled and hot forged methods. AISI, DIN, GB, JIS, ASTM are known standard with various industrial and decorate applications. They are offered or supplied to customers in round, square, angle, flat and hex types and carry a certificate of ISO, EN 3.1 and SGS.

Some of the highlighted finishes are black, brushed, bright, matte and pickled. Its thickness ranges from 3mm-12mm. The size of the bar may range from 3x19 to 12x140mm. They are delivered to the clients within 5-25 work days of order. So, buy Haynes 214 bars of the desired dimension from renowned suppliers and manufacturers.

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