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ASTM A600 M35 steel is a medium-alloyed high speed tool steel. It is also known as HSSE or HSS-E which is identical to M2 but with 5 percent cobalt content, which provides it better hot hardness and wears resistance. AISI /ASTM A600 M35 high-speed steel bars is an ideal choice for heat treatment up to 66 HRC, and also offers outstanding cutting performance.


The structure of the M35 High Speed Steel bar allows for a good combination of hardness and durability. Thanks to these well-balanced properties, the M35 HSS bar has been commonly used for cutting tools. M35 HSS bar can be employed in the same manner as other high-speed steel tools through plastic forming, machining, grinding, electrical discharge machining, welding, and polishing. M35 HSS bar is ideal for cold forming.


M35 HSS bar is ideal for cutting tools such as broaches, taps, milling, reamers, hobs, cutters, saws, etc. In terms of functionality, the M35 High Speed Steel bar is all-round steel to be used in cutting conditions where hot hardness requirements are of importance. The M35 High-Speed Steel bar is also ideal for cold work applications where exacting demands are imposed on wear resistance. The steel has a remarkable combination of wear resistance and durability, and in this regard is superior to the high alloyed cold working steels.


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