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So, you are thinking that the industrial plates that you suppose to get through the market are not at all covering your satisfaction. Therefore this time tries a unique option that not only fulfilling your desire but with that they also let you know what actual high tensile plate strength is you can opt for the High Tensile NAXTRA 70 Plates. This is one of the reliable products and satisfies their customer’s needs at all time.


This steel is basically counted among the high yield strength form of steel. Moreover, this material goes under the heat treatment in which the use of the temper and quench is done. All these things enhance the quality of bending and welding type properties of the product. Its highest strength level increases its payload capacity and with that, it also increases its efficiency.


Besides this, after completion or before manufacturing starts the experts test the raw material whether it is of quality one or not. After that only the manufacturing process takes place. At every step, a test is certified that the High Tensile NAXTRA 70 Plates are reliable and ready to become a part of the big industries.

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