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Inconel 600 Bolts is considered to be the standard materials especially for applications and made up of the nickel-iron-chromium alloy.  They are in need because of applications which need resistance to heat and corrosion. These bolts are also having outstanding mechanical and other properties and make available the desired combination of good workability and high strength. The high amount of nickel content provides Inconel 600 oppose to rust by many inorganic and organic compounds and also makes it almost unaffected to chloride-ion stress-corrosion furious.  Chromium content gives resistance to sulfur elements and offers resistance to the conditions like oxidizing within corrosive solutions and at high temperature.


 These bolts are not precipitation hardenable and it gets strengthen and toughened just by cold work.  They are comprehensively utilized in chemical industry for its corrosion resistance as well as strength. Applications are in stills, condensers, heaters, flaking trays and evaporator tubes for making of sodium sulfide and tool to handle abietic acid in the making of paper pulp.


Inconel 600 Hex Bolts are extremely solid and good material and that is why they are needed by many industrials across the globe.

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