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Construction involves the use of various materials which have to be selected wisely. Especially when it comes to control water supplies, there are certain measures to be taken to prevent leakage and ensure free flow of water in the pipes. To facilitate fluid flow and monitor leakage, here are Inconel 600 Valves which are ready to fulfill the basic requirements of the users. Here is the list of valves which follow the Inconel 600 Valves finish-


  • Gate valve
  • Check valve
  • Piston valve
  • Control valve
  • Plus, and ball valve
  • Piloted safety valve
  • Butterfly valve
  • Sampling valve
  • Injection valve
  • Globe valve


Inconel 600 Valves are an alloy which consists of different metals like cobalt with nickel- 62%, 6 to 10% of iron combined with chromium- 14%. Apart from these main constituents, meager amounts of copper, carbon, manganese, silicon and sulfur are also present.  The alloy is highly resistant to reduction from organic and inorganic attackers and the credit goes to the presence of high quantity of nickel. The alloy has the strength to endure high temperatures and can sustain the cryogenic heat too. This makes it useful in a variety of industries.

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