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The Inconel 601 Instrumentation Fittings which comes out in variety of products for various usages in industries. The instrumentation fittings made up of inconel alloy 601 are well known for their resistance to oxidation and erosion due to properties of incoloy 601. The ideal properties of alloy 601 made its fittings to withstand in wide range of temperature variations. The inconel 601 fittings are mostly used heat treatment plants, food processing industries, oil and gas industries also used in other industrial areas too.


The inconel 601 fittings have high strength, good workability and it is made by nickel-chromium alloy with the addition of aluminium which makes it to resist oxidation at high temperatures. These fittings holds a vital place in glass making industries due to its readiness in bonding pipes made of dissimilar materials. Also these fittings were well suitable for using in pulp and paper industry as they are durable, leak free and corrosion free with their excellent design permitting weldability under a wide range of temperatures. Due to the ideal characteristics it posses makes it to use in various industrial applications.

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