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Inconel 601 tubing is general purpose engineering material for those applications that need both resistance to corrosion and heat feature. An appreciating feature of Inconel 601 alloy is that it is highly resistance to high-temperature oxidations. The alloy is also excellent resistance to an aqueous corrosion. It is having the high mechanical strength and is readily machined, formed and welded. The base of nickel in conjunction with the substantial chromium content is offering resistant to numbers of corrosive media as well as the high-temperature surrounding. Resistance to oxidation is enhanced further by the aluminum content.


The stage wise inspection is done to assure that no human error could affect the product quality. It is done by any representative or by third-party investigations. Regular inspection is done to assure effectiveness in production and packing process of tubes.

Delivery time-

If Inconel 601 seamless tubing is in stock then it will only take just 2 days from the order date with advanced payment for clearing shipments and send to the buyer. If tubing is out of stock, the time taken up of delivery is depending upon the manufacturing of it as per the demanded pipe in size, grade, and quantity.

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