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Inconel 625 tubing is oxidation resistance, nonmagnetic and corrosion resistance alloy that is nickel base. It is having high toughness and greater strength at the temperature range cryogenic up to 1093?C. It is largely delivered from the effects of the solid solution of molybdenum, refractory metal and columbium. This alloy is having good fatigue strength and is also resistance to stress corrosion cracking to the chloride ions. 

Inconel 625 seamless tubing is having excellent strength at the temperature up to 816?C. At greater temperature, the strength is lower than the various others strengthened solid solution alloys. We know that inconel 625 alloy is having the feature of good oxidation resistance at 980?C temperature. It also shows excellent resistance to an aqueous corrosion.  It is moderate as compared to the other corrosion resistance alloys. While producing the tubing manufacturer meets or exceeds the industry standard like ASTM, SAE, BS, ISO, ASME, EN, AMS and DIN. Thus it assures high quality of tubing production.

We can say that all above-mentioned features of Inconel 625 welded tubing has made it popular and widely used in various industrial and engineering applications.

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