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Inconel 625 Valves is an esteemed nickel alloy which has exclusive design and special properties which make it the best of the best. It is a boon to the manufacturing industry and has all sorts of properties required to rate it the best material available on the earth. Here are some design features of Inconel 625 Valves which will make decision making easy for you-


  • They have unmatchable resistance to inter- granular attack, crevice corrosion, and pitting and impingement corrosion.
  • The mechanical properties are heightened to the extent which makes it the most useful for technical purposes.
  • The corrosion and stress induced by chemicals like chloride have no impact on it which prevents cracking in the material.
  • Harmful acids like nitric, hydrochloric, sulfuric and phosphoric can do nothing to the   valve and it keeps functioning normally.
  • Chemical compounds like organic acids and alkalis are ineffective as the valve is resistant against their attack.


It is an important component of flue gas devices and is also used in the manufacture of super phosphoric acid. It finds its application in the aerospace industry and marine equipment. With these uses it has become indispensable equipment.

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