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Inconel 690 pipes are made from the chromium-nickel alloy and it has the high corrosion resistance property. It can easily withstand the harsh conditions, temperature as well as the corrosive environment. In addition to this, it also has the good metallurgical stability, high strength, and the favorable fabrication characteristics. The common trading name of the Inconel 690 is alloy 690, nickel 690.

This alloy can also resist stress corrosion cracking in the chloride-rich environment or sodium hydroxide solutions. This alloy pipe is greatly used in the industrial fields like the coal gasification units, tail gas reheaters, recuperators, incinerators, glass vitrification, etc.

Various other forms of this alloy include plates, round bars, tubes, pipes. Length of this pipe can be 3m, 6m, or 7 m, as per requirements and the diameter ranges from 0.5 to 12 inch. Buy this material than you must buy it from the reputable manufacturer that produces this pipe as per the customer need and the industrial standards. Usually, the packing of this pipe is done in wooden cases, foils, plastic bags but the customers can ask them to pack according to their demands.

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