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A333 Gr 4

Low Temperature Carbon Steel A333 Gr 4 pipes cover welded and seamless process at the low-temperature service. In the welding process, no other different or additional metal is used. A pure and quality material is used for giving the shape to the pipes well. Basically, its outer dimensions are from 19.5mm to 114.3mm. Its maximum length is 16000mm and wall thickness is from 2.0mm to 14mm. moving on the applications, these pipes are mainly used in the application for low-temperature services. 


Bundle packing, bare packing, crate packing and wooden protection at both the side of the tubes make it stable and safe delivery to the requested order. 

Test and inspection

Mechanical properties test, chemical properties test, elongation, yield strength, bending, flaring, surface and dimension test and so on the test is done to find out any possible fault in the product.

Besides this, the ends of the Low Temperature Carbon Steel A333 Gr 4 pipes were designed according to the order of the clients. On what kind of surface they are going to use it that’s important to know before giving the end shape.

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