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A420 WPL8

You are looking for purchasing the Low temperature carbon steel A420 WPL8 pipe fittings for different purposes in industries. To make your application meets all its needs perfectly; you need to shop for ideal pipe fitting. This will assure you longevity, weldability, machinability, formability etc. You can use it easily without any hassle for satisfying the various application requirements. Before you shop search for reliable producer producing and selling it made of excellent quality of raw materials.


Itcs specification-

The Low temperature carbon steel A420 WPL8 pipe fittings are available in size ranging from ½” to 56”. The WT of these fittings is SCH-10, SCH-80. In types, it is available as seamless, forged, and welded.  The standard specifications of pipe fittings are GB, ASTM, JIS, ANSI, and EN.


To ensure high quality of production of Low temperature A420 WPL8 pipe fittings, it undergoes some testing. These are hardness test, flaring test, flattening test, chemical analysis, mechanical analysis, macro test and micro test etc. It is packed using wooden pallets or plywood to prevent from harm or damages. Also, they are packed according to clients requirements.

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