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A516 Gr 70

Low Temperature Carbon Steel plates A516 Gr 70 (Grade 485) are tough, durable and highly potent to be used for muffles, heat-handling trays, furnace machinery and baskets in heat-handling industry. They have excellent corrosion resistant and oxidation resistance properties that make them highly valuable. It is a niobium alloy (nickel-chromium-molybdenum-columbium) which contains low carbon. They show excellent strength to intermediary temperatures along with resistance to oxidization and carburization. Therefore, they are widely used as arrayed steel pipe and oil and gas congregation pipes. These pipes require being resistant to reducing acids or oxidizing acids, and the excellent properties of these sheets make them durable and less effective to such conditions.


Equivalent grades

Low Temperature Carbon Steel plates A516 Gr 70 (Grade 485) is the standard grade. They have Different specifications such as length, thickness, and grade. They come in the plain sheet, perforated sheet, shim sheet, chequered plate, etc. in different finishes. They also vary regarding hardness such as sheets may be soft, half hard, and spring hard or quarter hard.

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