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These Manganese Steel MN13 plates are sturdy and strength in construction, with high in strength, outstanding in resistance to corrosion and flawless finish. These manganese plates could be more useful if we place a grease coating over them, which will provide you defense with corrosion. In place of grease, one could also opt for paint or seal it with some materials to avoid rusting, as they are very responsive to rust. They have wide applications in places such as food industry, small-scale and large-scale industries where low-cost corrosion resistance alloys are required.


Specifications and sizes of sheets-

These sheets are available in various specifications so that they can be standardized internationally. They are manufactured with   ASTM, ASME, and API standards, with the finish of soft, hard. Half hard, quarter hard, spring hard, etc. and for the concern of size, we provide sheets in any size depending upon your requirements. If you do not find your required size specification on our website, you can always order it by placing a special request.


So know you have a brief about Manganese Steel MN13 plates and what are their specifications, so you can purchase them from us at very affordable prices.

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