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How much important the quality packaging is for the buyers is well known and understandable by the seller of Monel 400 tubing. The quality of the packaging is necessary in case of international shipments. The reason is that the ordered consignment has to pass through the numbers of channels for reaching its final point. Thus the proper care of product packaging is yet required. The pipes are packed in various techniques and are also depending upon the product size and quantity. The effective way of doing the pipe packaging is- in carton boxes, shrink-wrapped, wooden crates, wooden boxes, and wooden pallets.

The product like Monel 400 seamless tubing will obviously be having full marking details that are correlated to the test certifications. In case of cut piece pipe orders, the marking is transferred from the item of the particular product where a piece is being cut down. In such cases, a letter is provided to buyer that confirms that marking transfer and image of the item from which the tube is being cut down. Marking is also done as per the requirements of the client. Thus we can say the product packaging and marking is done effectively.

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