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Nickel 200 bolts are made from the alloy of nickel 200 and nickel 201 with the help of dual-certified chemistry. This new bolt is useful because it provides users of both the alloys in one single solution. They are highly used in heat exchangers and pressure vessels.


Testing methods for nickel 200 bolts-

In this type of bolts testing of 30 tonne tensile tester is done which as specifications of ASTM E8 and A370. Another testing which is done on this material is temperature tensile testing up to of 200 degrees Celsius (ASTM E21 and BS ISO 6892-2). These bolts of nickel alloy can be manufactured as per our need for size and requirements along with the desired specifications. And for packing purposes we use fully automated magazine feeds CNC rod banking line.


They have chemical compositions of Nickel 90%, MN 0.35%, Cu 0.25% and some other metals in small proportions. They also have good tensile strength, yield proportions, and typical elongation mechanical properties. Furthermore, they are packed in wooden pallets to prevent rusting and damages.

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