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When it comes to Nickel 201, these are pure wrought nickel with similar properties as of nickel 200 but they have a lower carbon content. The lower carbon content in Nickel 201 Stud Bolts prevents embrittlement at elevated temperatures. Other characteristics similar to nickel 200 are exhibited by nickel 201 as well. They have excellent resistance to corrosion in acids, alkalies and reducing environments. They exhibit exemplary resistance to caustic alkalis even in the molten state i.e. in high temperatures. They are also resistant to all dry gases at moderate temperatures, where as resistance to mineral acids depends upon the temperature and concentration of the solution. These industrial Nickel 201 stud bolts exhibit precise dimension, strong constructional strength and high level of tolerance. It is preferred over its previous sister versions for application involving exposure to higher temperatures of around 600F.



They are approved to be used in construction of pressure vessels and components under ASME Boiler. They are also used in various other industries, viscose rayon production, soap manufacturing and in reactors and vessels in which components come in contact with fluorine. Similar to other alloy bolts, these are also customisable as per client needs.

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