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Alloy 20

Some of the stainless steel valves does have a high content of nickel and as such many a times they are considered to be an alloy of nickel. Whatever the case maybe, the Alloy 20 Valves are known to have excellent corrosive resistance properties and as such does not gets damaged easily. There are various manufacturers who deals in offering top-grade valves to industrial sectors. These products are even exported to several foreign nations as well. All these valves are custom-made according to the requirement of the buyer. This way the clients are bound to get only quality product.


The melting point of the Alloy 20 Valves is quite high, i.e., around 1443 degree Celsius. These valves are very strong and durable because of which they have a longer lifespan. They can be stretched due to good amount of flexibility property. The price of such valves are quite reasonable and can fluctuate with the level of quality. Stainless steel valves are used extensively in chemical and oil refining industries. All the major machineries are made up of such small parts or components.

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