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Are you in need of nimonic alloy 105 bars? If yes, then before you buy them know some of the interesting features of this type of ally bars. Nickel-cobalt-chromium- base alloy is the nimonic alloy 105 bars. This alloy is strengthened by molybdenum, titanium and aluminum addition. The bars are manufactured as per ASTM B637 standard. These bars are available as nimonic 105 rod or nimonic 105 flat bars and so on.


These bars are made using the best raw material, in addition to this it is supplied as smooth, peeled, centre less ground or as cold drawn. The standard engineering practices are kept in mind while manufacturing these bars. The length of these bars can be 10 mm. these bars are used in cylinder shaft, piston shaft, pump shaft, boat shaft and nearing shaft.


The nimonic alloy 105 bars are available in several forms like flat bar, hex bar, square bar, round bar or billet, etc. the price of this alloy bar is depended on the quantity you buy. For more details you can refer any good manufacturer store.

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