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The Nimonic alloy 70 Bars are developed in order to provide good ductility, workability, high creep strength and exceptional oxidation resistance properties to meet various applications. It can withstand temperature range up to 1050° C. They are perfectly being used in applications that require high temperature and all the above mentioned properties. The nimonic 70 alloy are fabricated to form formability via standard techniques. They also remove foreign substances such as marking crayon, paint, grease and oil while welding.


These high precipitated hardable alloys contain enhanced high temperature resistance so as to bring positive and excellent results. The manufacture offer bars in different domains or as per client requirement or need. They are supplied as centre less ground; cold drawn, peeled, and smooth turned, polished or rough turned. It can also be custom made on client request with specified dimensions such as length, wall thickness and diameter. They are also offered to customer in round bar, hex bar, flat bar, billet straight forging, square bar and ingot.


The bars reach the client directly from mill after undergoing various tests that enables it to hold ISO standard certificates. You can make order as per your need also, to trusted vendors.

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