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Nitronic Alloy 30 Bars is always known for its exceptional galling resistance at the highest temperature. This grade bar is the great addition of 8% manganese, 4% silicon, fretting and galling. It is typically used for several pins and fasteners which needs resistant to galling as well as strength. The bars always keep maintained civilized strength above 1800 degree Fahrenheit temperature and also has oxidation immune just same as 309 stainless steel grade product. These bars can be got in dimensions such as BS, AISI, EN, DIN, ASTM, and JIS. Clients can easily buy the bars with different finishes such as BA finish, rough turned or machined, bright or black polished on its inner or upper layer etc.


Also, the surface of Nitronic Alloy 30 Bars are available in various finished such as sandblasting finished, hairline, cold drawn, hot rolled pickled and so on. These come up with the wide range of condition like cold drawn, polished as well as cold drawn center less ground. They are used in typical applications such as food processing, refining, pollution control, chemical processing etc. These can be bought with different diameter, sizes and width as per their exact needs.

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