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The super alloys or the high performance alloys are of three main types which are cobalt based, iron based and the nickel based alloys.  Nitronic 30 is one such nickel based super alloy having superb corrosion resistant, wet abrasion resistance and strength properties.  This alloy can be strengthened even more by solid solution hardening and by work hardening methods. The best property of this alloy is that it can perform under high pressure and mechanical stress. The Nitronic 30 Bolts have a great demand in the market due to its heat resistant properties and all the other factors stated above. They are also known to have good creep resistance and oxidation properties.


They are basically used in making fasteners, structural components; handling equipments, hose clamps and transportation equipments etc. these bolts have a 35 percent of elongation, 241 of hardness , yield strength of 330 MPa and tensile strength of 655 MPa. You will get the Nitronic 30 Bolts in the defining their certification and proper specification. These bolts are available in different sizes depending on the customers demand and use.

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