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As compared to the series of 300 stainless less, this Fasteners Nitronic 30 proves good and worthy. It provides exceptional corrosion resistance as well as high strength. In addition it, it has the double yield strength and has the ability to withstand elevated temperatures. It is also used to make various components like valves, fittings and more. It proves ideal for marine applications as well as hardware and even used for domestic purposes. The size and length of the fastener are not definite, because it can be purchased as per your necessities. It allows fabrications like welding as well as bending.


The length of Fasteners Nitronic 30 is going above 3mm and others on special request. It meets up with different standards and specifications like ISO, BS, ASTM, GB, JIS, DIN and many others. It is well-tested as well as certified product and is produced with different finishes like hot dip galvanized, mechanically applied coating, hot forging, cold forging and more. The product is being used for industrial or marine applications around the world, just because of its great features and cheap rates.

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