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Nitronic 40 stud bolts are a high-manganese stainless steel strengthen with nitrogen. Its chemical composition includes carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulphur, silicon, chromium, nickel and nitrogen in various compositions. It exhibits high yield strength and excellent resistance to corrosion at high temperatures. Its distincinctive characteristics is that it remains non magnetic even in subzero or cryogenic temperatures. In room temperature it possesses yield strength as twice as that of 304 or 347 steel. It has good high temperature oxidation resistance and resistance to stress corrosion cracking marine environments. It also retains its strength and toughness at both elevated temperatures as well as at cryogenic temperatures.




It is a combination of these properties that make it a versatile and ideal choice of material. It is often found to be used in various aircraft components; ducting, bellows systems, clamps. They have application in pollution control equipment and chemical processing industries, cryogenic services and nuclear industry as well. This series of alloy stud bolts are moderately priced in comparison to other nickel based alloys. We can be assured that manufacturers usually keep in mind the various national and international standards.


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