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The nitronic bolts are available in different grades and Nitronic 60 is one of them.  It can be said as the lower cost or inexpensive way to fight galling and wear as compared to the high nickel and cobalt bearing alloys. It has a much better and uniform corrosion resistance and the yield strength at room temperature is nearly twice as that of the types 316 and 304. In addition to all this the Nitronic 60 Bolts also give you a low temperature impact resistance as well as an excellent high temperature oxidation resistance.  The galling resistance of these bolts is also better than any other stainless steel due to its grain structure.


These Nitronic 60 Bolts are available in different shapes and sizes. You can also get screws, nuts and thread bars as well. They are widely used in the automotive valves, marine shafts, joints for the bridges, fastener galling etc.  There are generally three shapes of these bolts, round, square and hex. So, whenever you plan to buy these bolts, make square that the manufacturer or supplier is complying with all the specifications and necessary standards of the bolts.

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