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The phosphorous bronze fasteners posses much higher yield strength than that which is readily available in cast products. These are a type of special bolts. Phosphorous Bronze C51000 Stud Bolts is being empowered in various applications, some of the areas where these fasteners are being commonly used include bearings, brushings, gears, pinions, shafts, thrust washers and valve parts and many more. These fasteners can be readily and easily brazed or soldered. The capacity for being cold worked is too good. The chemical composition of the fastener is that it contains 95% of copper, 5% of tin and a trace of phosphorus. The tensile strength of the fastener varies from 324-965, the 0.2% yield is 132-552. The elongation property of the fastener is 64% and the Poisson’s ratio is 0.34 also the elastic modulus of the fastener is 117GPa. The mechanical and chemical composition helps in knowing more about the fastener and also the required applications to which it can be used. Depending upon the requirement these fasteners can be manufactured and they can be produced in various sizes and dimensions.

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