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Phosphorus bronze c52100 washer is a new technology spare part coming for the use of stiffness and corrosion resistance. The designers normally mix the phosphorus and bronze together for the betterment of strength of the mechanical part and it can be used in both heat and cold situations rapidly. The use of product gives you extra life while using copper and phosphorus and it gives additional strength to the device in the machine where you used. Mostly it is used in cold headed parts, contact blades, wire brushes and more.


In marine this trendy phosphorous bronze c52100 washer is widely used to increase the electrical parts performance and building hardware too. It has a similar specification with the b139 and it is also used for the soldering machines but mostly used in cold and hot machines to enhance its performance. If you wish to order this product then you can do it in online by visiting this site and they have quality certifications for each and every products available here. So buy it here and have an assured product for your machine and get more benefits.

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