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Silicon Bronze C65100 Fasteners have the maximum ductility and they are produced using the ladle refining method. There is low carbon in this alloy fastener which provides protection to sensitization while thermal processes and welding. These fasteners are used to meet various applications in industrial sectors and thus, they are high in demand. Some common specifications in which this grade of fasteners is available is as follows-


Standards used to make this grade of fasteners are- ASME SB98/ ASTM B98, SF468/ F468 Alloy 651, etc. the size range in which it is available is between M1.0-M150.  And the imperial size range is from ¼ inch to ½ inch. 


These fasteners are known for its durability and excellent fatigue endurance. Also, it offers some electric properties and brazeability. It is the most weldable alloy of copper which is joined by soldering and brazing. It is mainly utilized in the industries like the oil refinery, heat exchange tubes, hydraulic pressure lines and welding rods. Also, it offers marine applications.


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