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The silicon bronze product is manufactured in wide range of sizes where each product are used for the different purpose and the silicon bronze C65500 washer is found to be the one of the most promising used metals. The most major applications of the silicon c65500 washer are manufactured in industrial machinery, plumbing, electrical wires, roofing etc. In general the silicon bronze metal product has the certain valuable properties that works in combination and individually regulates the field of the applications at appropriate level for the metal. 


Some of the C65500 washers features are they are resistance to corrosion, electrical conductivity, formability, malleability, thermal conductivity and strength in addition. This C65500 silicon bronze washer is nonmagnetic and can easily finish by lacquering or plating and which is further soldered, welded and brazed satisfactorily. In general the C65500 bronze is made up from the excellent metals to form an alloy with the desired properties for achieving the good quality of the silicone bronze product. The application of the silicon bronze C65500 washer is that it is used in refiners, paper 7 pulp, water treatment, construction, defense, port, mining, railway, nuclear power, cement, power plant, dairy, chemical and many more industrial areas.

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