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Do you own an industry? Then it is obvious that you need best parts for your application. Well, talking about the best quality of parts then it is always best to buy stainless steel products only. Yes, stainless steel 201 plates and other products are high in demand because stainless steel is considered as one of the strongest alloys that include various elements like nickel, chromium, and nitrogen. Not only this, it even exhibits several properties and has the high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.


However, if we talk about Stainless steel 201 plates and how they are manufactured, then it is important to know that they are manufactured using the best quality of raw material that is nationally and internationally approved material. These stainless steel plates are cold rolled or hot rolled. And used in several applications like railway cars, cookware, automotive trim and food service equipment. Furthermore, these stainless steel plates are approved with JIS, AISI, DIN, GB and ASTM specifications. The thickness of these plates is 0.2mm to 20mm and width is 1000mm, 2000mm, 3500 etc. These are the best quality of plates that are soft, quarter, spring hard and half hard.

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