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These washers are realistic ones and well consists of chromium nickel manganese steel which was developed in order to conserve nickel. The Stainless Steel 201 Washer is a lower cost one which is an alternative to the conventional Cr-Ni stainless steels of other ratings. The nickel element is being replaced by the addition of other elements such as manganese and nitrogen. These washers are non hardened ones by thermal treatment, but these can be cold worked for high tensile strengths. These are essentially nonmagnetic in annealed condition and become super magnetic when cold worked. These are widely being used as substitutes for many applications. There are different forms of it such as sheet and strip and many more.


Some of the places where these washers are being used include cookware, hose clamps, air bags and many more. The annealing temperature for these washers is somewhere between 1850 to 2000 degree Fahrenheit. The rapid cooling through the carbide is necessary in order to keep the carbides in the solution and prevent sensitization. These have a very good bending and drawing characteristics.  They can be welded by all conventional methods.

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