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Stainless Steel 202 Plates are counted among one of the stronger stainless alloys in compare to the other metal plates. This because of the components used in it that is half of the nickel and with that increased amount of the nitrogen and manganese. Its properties are somehow same as the normal stainless alloys but are some cases it defers like formable and ductile; this is due to the lower amount of the nickel content in the steel. Because of its properties, it is known to be the best alternative of the Cr- Ni-based authentic stainless steels.


These Stainless Steel 202 Plates are mainly used in the products of the machine, stamped in which appliances are also included like kitchen equipment,  railway cars and automotive and so on. Beside this, it doesn’t get hardened under the thermal treatment. But in cold worked its tensile strength gets high. Basically, it is non-magnetic in the condition of the annealed but when it comes in contact with the cold then it reacts as magnetic. Now it acts as a substitute for the other grades in various applications. It contains all such elements which make it strong.

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