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Stainless Steel 301 Fasteners is also commonly known as the austenitic stainless steel, it is even good in the corrosion resistance property.  It even elevated carbon which allows the cold working for different types of tempers.  It basically obtains all types of hardness in which ½, ¼, and full hardness come.  As it property contains the excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, this makes it reliable to be used in many industrial applications. Typically, it is used in the utensils, aircraft structural parts, conveyor belts, trailer bodies and so on. It's variety of features extent its uses in many application days by day, and make it best alternative of another grade of fasteners. 


Among its various properties, the corrosion resistance property makes it more reliable to be used in the humid environment. It is used in the chemical environment and marine environment. There it can serve more, in comparison to another grade of fasteners. Stainless Steel 301 Fasteners are also heated resistance it can stay in the high-temperature condition it can expose the temperature maximum up to 14500 F. in many of the industries you will find the use of these fasteners for sure.

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