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Stainless steel 302 channel is a variation of 8% nickel austenitic alloy along with 18% chromium. It is the steel which is most commonly used in alloy steel family. It is also known as AISI 302. It has a slightly higher version of carbon as compared to any other alloy. These are often found in wire and strip forms. It is a form of tough and ductile grade which demonstrates a comparable corrosion resistance. It is non-magnetic and is not harden able when treated by heat. It is commonly used in its annealed condition and consists of high fabrication and formality.


These alloy may be considered where the following properties are there:

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Beauty of appearance
  • Prevention of product contamination
  • Excellent formability
  • Resistance to oxidation
  • Ease of fabrication
  • High strength with low weight


302 stainless steel is commonly used in the spinning, wire forming and stamping industry. It is also used to form washers, cables, springs and screens. It requires high feeds and slow speeds aid in overcoming this alloy’s tendency to work harder. Chip breakers are used on tooling due to occurrence of gummy chips.

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