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The material grade of stainless steel 302 tubing is SS 302. In length, the tubes are available in 3m, 6m, 12m, and 18m. The surface finishes of these grade tubing are finished polished and mill finished. Type 302 tubing of stainless steel is high demanded nonmagnetic and austenitic stainless steel that is known popularly because of being highly ductile and toughness. Type 302 grade stainless steel pipe is having the high carbon and is the good record of resistance to corrosion. As it is having the high tendency of doing hard working, this can easily overcome through high feeds and slow speeds. One can easily find the tubing in various kinds of industrial and engineering application and it has become an ideal choice as well.


Type 302 stainless steel tubing is having the high tensile strength and yielding strength of 8990psi and 39900psi respectively. Stainless steel is easily available in various forms like strip, sheet, wire, plate, and pipe. The stainless steel tubing that is supplied all across the globes easily meeting and exceeding industry product standard.  In length, it is available in cut and standard length. The value-added service offered is expansion and draws as per the requirements, pickled and annealed bending, machining etc.

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