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These are the washers which are known as 18-8 stainless steel because it typically consists of 18% of chromium and 8%of nickel. Stainless Steel 302 Washer has an excellent corrosion resistance and is generally non magnetic in nature. These are an excellent and great materials to be used for general outdoor purposes. These can very well withstand the environmental conditions without undergoing corrosion. These are a far superior material to use when compared with steel products which are exposed to elements. The chemical composition of the washer varies from applications to applications.


There are numerous applications which require these kinds of washers. The thermal capacity and the strength of the washer which is exhibited is way much ahead of the normal one. They are being designed to serve applications which are on continuous exposure towards the external heat. The constant exposure of heat will make the washer to lose its strength but these are specially designed for these purposes. it can withstand a maximum heat without any effect and these properties are very much needed for outdoor exposure things.

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