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Stainless Steel 302B Fasteners are known to be a standard specification of the chromium nickel and chromium stainless steel. It I mainly used in the pressure vessels but also in the general applications. Talking about its features or properties then they are numerous, starting from corrosion resistance which is more in compare to other grades of fasteners. Besides this, its strength is also higher because of an addition of carbon content. Basically, in this stainless steel, the amount of manganese is 2%. The use of chromium and nickel is also there to shape up the fastener structure well. 


You will find the use of this fastener in the automobile trim, bottling machinery equipment, home appliances etc. Stainless Steel 302B Fasteners are even made from the top quality raw material that enhances the properties of the fasteners.  After completion of all making process, the finished fasteners go under testing sections where its strength and other features are checked. Without testing the product they are not sent to the customers. They need to pass the required field before they go for transit.  A team of expert does all mandatory tests on it. 

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