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These washers are a standard specification of chromium and chromium-nickel stainless steel sheet, plate, and strip. These are being mainly used for the pressure vessels and so for some general purposes. Stainless Steel 302B Washer have the same corrosion resistance as other washers with a slightly higher strength due to the presence of additional carbon content. The chemical composition of these washers is that chromium 17-19%, 8-10% of nickel, 2-3% of silicon, 2% of manganese, 0.15% of carbon and the balance is iron.


These washers have a very good tensile strength of about 655 Mpa and the yield which is obtained is 275MPa. The elstic modulus of the washer is 195 GPa and the percentage of elongation at the break is about 55%. These are being widely required in so many industries such as home appliances, automobile trim, hospital equipments, diary processing equipments, bottling machineries and many more. The strength of these washers are something which need not to be worried off. They are being designed to serve even at the higher temperatures. They can withstand and provide the strength to the substance.

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