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Stainless steel 303 channels are non-magnetic and austenitic stainless steel that cannot be hardened by any heat treatment. Due to the presence of Sulphur in steel composition it has been specially designed to exhibit the improved machinability during the maintenance of good mechanical and corrosion resistance properties. This alloy is mostly machine able austenitic steel, but the addition of Sulphur lowers the alloy 303’s corrosion.



  • Bolts and nuts
  • Gears
  • Screws
  • Aircraft fittings
  • Bushings
  • Shafts
  • Switchgear components


Mechanical properties

  • Tensile strength (MPa)             500 – 750 Mpa                           
  • Proof stress (MPa)                    190 min MPa                                 
  • Elongation A5 mm                    35 min %                             
  • Hardness brinell                       230 Max HB


Sulphur additions done to the composition act as an initiation sites for pitting the corrosion. Which in turn decreases the corrosion property of grade 303 stainless steel. In any chloride containing environment over 60 degrees Celsius, this grade stainless steel is subject to the crevice corrosion. It is not at all suitable for marine uses. Type 303 is not always cold workable. Some cold working is possible to some extent but sharp bending should not be attempted. 

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