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These are the pipes which are being made from the best quality of raw material. Stainless Steel 304 Electropolished Pipes are rustproof that’s why it is easily used in many of the industrial applications. The companies who manufacture such products use to give the product a fine finish. It comes in different shapes and sizes and also as per the requirements of the clients, they are available at affordable price. The users of these pipes are well aware of its features. These pipes are good for one-time investment point of view.


Moving on its specifications:

Its dimension falls under the ASME, ASTM, and API

Its sizes also vary that is from 1/8 to 24 NB and ¼ to 24 NB

It length starts from 6 meters and it is available in the market in cut length option also.

Its thickness even varies that’s from 1 to 20mm it even chance when the size of the pipes gets changed.

Right now, Stainless Steel 304 Electropolished Pipes are widely used in several industries like in food, dairy, cosmetics and so on. In the chemical industry also it is used a lot.

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