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Stainless Steel 304 PTFE Pipe Fittings are available in both non-standard and standard sizes. Its bending radius falls under the ID to IOD or even in the custom option bending is available. It is also supplied after completion of the radiography test. It is commonly used SS steel which covers the standard of 18/8. It is used worldwide in great quantity. It offers the great strength property which is high in comparison to other grade types. Not only that, it also contains the high carbon content that makes it the best option. It has high tensile strength, resistance property, and creep strength.


Common Specification about the product:

Type- welded, seamless, fabricated

Specification- A403 & ASME SA182, ASTM A182, SA 403

Range- ½” to 48” NB

Variants- 304H, 304LN etc

Dimension- ASME B16.9, ANSI, B16.28, MSS- SP 43

The manufacturer of this Stainless Steel 304 PTFE Pipe Fittings completes the testing process well before sending the product to their customers. They use to attach all test paper with it so that they get to know well about the test results and about the product specifications. 

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